Mahajan Travels offer corporate employee transportation services in Chandigarh. Our services ensure the happiness, comforts and facilities of your staff. We provide employee transportation services to your staff to travel from one place to another, without any hassle. We have the proper fleet to fulfill the required number of trips and report the completion of each task to the client. Employees are always assured of timely service and are free of any commuting hazards.

As the trusted and reputable provider of employee transportation service in Chandigarh, we take pride in rendering safe and convenient rides to your staff. When it comes to the selection of drivers, we never compromise on the experience and safe driving skills.

At Mahajan Travels, we adhere to strict compliance norms related to drivers and cabs. Our route planners create shortest & comfortable route plan to have a comfortable ride for your Employees in a cost -effective manner.

Employee Transportation Services in Chandigarh

The Importance of Employee Transportation services

We know that Employee transportation in Chandigarh is a crucial part of your company’s business and culture. A reliable and suitable transportation solution is essential for the success of your business.

The key differentiator when you leverage Mahajan travels’s Employee transportation in Chandigarh is that it will increase the service levels of your staff. Your employees are more likely to be satisfied by a professionally delivered staff transport service in Chandigarh. We serve our prestigious clients by completely taking over the transportation needs of their employees. The transport to and from the company is taken care of ‘end to end’.

Why choose us for staff / employee transportation In Chandigarh

  • Mahajan Travels is able to offer highest degree of predictability of fleet in the industry.
  • Automated statutory compliance check on PUC, road tax, permits, etc.
  • Automated Female Safe Drop Confirmation, that reduces the workload of calls on the transport desk and improves compliance.
  • Our all cabs have GPS tracking system so that can be tracked at any moment, We are using advanced technology for employee transportation Management

Mahajan travels with the expertise of providing staff transport Service having a niche in the market is the market leader in terms of services, After sales service, strict compliance adherence and above all value for money to customers and esteemed shareholders. Our employee transportation services in Chandigarh are at par with international transport services considering the people behind us.

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